Sameep Shastri

Taking forward the illustrious political legacy of his grandfather former Prime Minister of India Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, Sameep Shastri has also ventured into the world of politics by joining the Bharatiya Janata Party.Charismatic, versatile, performance-driven and armed with a tremendous sense of social responsibility, he brings to the party a renewed sense of vigour and fresh and youthful ideas and energy. 

Sameep exhibits a high degree of flexibility, resourcefulness and commitment to work and thrives on challenges that require him to walk the tight rope. Owing to his warm personality and exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, he enjoys huge mass appeal whether he is walking with the people or leading them. 

Sameep Shastri is an Indian youth icon, institution builder and a leader whose words and work in the field of public service are inspiring a generation. Sameep is the Executive Director at the Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership(IIGL) and the President of the Confederation of Young Leaders(CYL).

Confederation of Young Leaders(CYL) has been a pioneer in organizing national and international congresses and conventions on leadership and governance. The Confederation has implemented many programmes at the global level for making the world citizenry aware regarding the need for employment-centric choice based life skills and developmental courses. In this connection, many Youth Dialogues have been conducted by the confederation in collaboration with China, Norway, Serbia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Guatemala, Botswana and Peru.

Sameep is a columnist for several reputed journals, dailies and magazines. Acknowledging his efforts towards Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and other initiatives by our Hon’ble Prime Minister many Union Ministers of Government of India and other prominent organisations have recommended and acknowledged his efforts. 

During graduation , Sameep was appointed as the President of Indian Student Association for the year 2006-08. He has also headed many other societies urging his graduation and post graduation in Oxford, United Kingdom.

For the last 3 years, he has dedicated a considerable focus towards Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan(Clean India Movement) through his initiatives like Mission-E-Safai turning out to be one of the largest youth initiatives for Clean India. The initiative has drawn wishes from the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India himself. Mission-E-Safai  is a youth-led initiative initiated in the year 2015 which works to realize Government of India Swachh Bharat Abhiyan(Clean India Mission) campaign and to supplement and compliment United Nations Sustainable Development Goal(SDG) six that focuses on improving public sanitation, easing access to clean water & eliminating open defecation by improving public infrastructure through collective efforts.  

Powering his vision of creating a 21st-century leadership to fight 21st-century challenges, Sameep is well acquainted Youth activist and public speaker. As a motivational speaker, he is regularly on the panel organised by media, government & private universities globally. 

His numerous suggestions were implemented by various public-authorities and response to his petitions and writings are being prominently highlighted in the mainstream media.  
In addition, he serves on the Advisory boards of several prominent organisations and institutions. He is listed among India’s most influential youth with a lot of Indian and International Awards honouring him for his work.  


Corporate Work Experience 

Sameep has five years of work experience in the real estate sector. He is also constantly up-to-date with the current real estate market, enabling him to provide high-quality service across the NCR. 

His firm, Saisha Real Estate Services, a unit of Saisha Marketing Consultants Pvt Ltd is an emerging name in the real estate market of Delhi NCR offering comprehensive services and solutions to investors, property owners, tenants and developers across the region. 

Besides his own firm, Sameep also manages his family business, an Indian Oil Distributorship. Prior to establishing his own business, he has worked with the HDFC Standard Life Insurance as a financial consultant. 


Areas of Public Service 


Being the youngest grandson of the much respected former Prime Minister of India, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, Sameep was introduced to the values of integrity and honest work ethics very early in life. These values have helped him build a strong network of like minded people in the field of social work and business through which he regularly organises and attends social and cultural events. 

Sameep is one of the Trustees of the Lal Bahadur Shastri Education Trust. Through this organisation he aims to work towards imparting education to the less privileged section of the Indian society. 


in 2013, when floods savaged the Indian state of Uttarakhand, Sameep’s organisation Shastri Niketan joined hands with another Delhi based NGO and together they collected over 15 tonne of food and medical supplies. Along with volunteers and friends, he visited Haridwar, Raiwala and Rishikesh in Uttarakhand and distributed half the food supplies to the locals affected there and donated half of it to the Indian Army. 


Realising the need of the flood affected people of the state; Sameep initiated Phase II of the relief initiative in which he mobilised the people of his locality and collected another 50 tonne of relief supplies. He travelled to Uttarakhand again and donated ready-to-eat and packaged food, food grains, salt, sugar, spices, water, shoes, blankets and woollen wear to the disaster victims. 


Sameep had exhibited similar sensitivity and responsiveness to the plight of Indians who had been hit by the Tsunami in December 2004. citizens and towards ensuring the betterment of the society. The organisation is dedicated to the aim of nation building by generating public awareness through discussions, seminars and exhibitions. As a volunteer, Sameep has been associated with the Group for many years and has helped organise a number of its functions. 

Mobilising the Youth 

Across the world, the youth are gaining voice and coming together to raise concerns and agree and disagree on important global issues. The internet and social media have played a huge role in creating this new wave. Sameep aims to capitalise on the merits of social media and tap and channelise the ideas, energy, enthusiasm and anger of the youth to a positive course, the development of our nation. 

Educational Background 

Sameep holds a postgraduate degree in Business Management  from  Oxford , United Kingdom. His undergraduate degree was an Honours in Business with a Minor in Marketing, from Phoenix, Arizona, the United States of America. 



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